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Japan Society of Spring Engineers

Benefits of JSSE Membership

JSSE members have various benefits as follows:

1. To get the JSSE monthly bulletin and the annual transactions of JSSE free of charge
(Japanese only)
2. To have a right to submit a paper to the transactions of JSSE
3. To have a right to participate in committees/subcommittees
4. To attend charged seminars at a discount fee
5. To get the proceedings of JSSE semiannual conference (lecture meeting) at a discount price
6. To take part in talks on an operation policy at the general meeting

Annual membership fee:

1. Individual members; 7,500 JPY (including currency exchange fee)
2. Student members; 3,500 JPY (including currency exchange fee)
3. Corporate members; minimum 52,500 JPY (including currency exchange fee)

If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill in an appropriate application form and send us by e-mail or Fax.
1) Application form for an individual member
2) Application form for a student member
3) Application form for a corporate member
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Benefits of JSSE Membership

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- E-mail:jsse@spring.or.jp
- Tel.:+81 3 3251 5235
- Fax.:+81 3 3251 5258

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