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Japan Society of Spring Engineers

Introduction to Japan Society of Spring Engineers (JSSE)

JSSE has the goal of solving technically challenging problems associated with springs. Engineers, manufacturers, customers and researchers are our major members.
Our common purpose is to contribute to the evolution of spring society in academic studies as well as industrial experiments.

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Dr. Mitsuo Notomi Message from Chairman of Japan Society of Spring Engineers (JSSE)
Dr. Mitsuo Notomi, Professor of Meiji University.

 From June 2023, I have taken over the chairmanship of Masao Hayakawa and become the Chairman. The 4th Chairman, Professor Masao Kanao, and the 10th Chairman, Professor Katsuji Tosha, were both faculty members of the Meiji University, School of Science and Technology, Mechanical Engineering Department which I belong to. I feel honored to take over the management of this society, which was developed by my predecessors. I will do my best to further development of the society, and also I would like to ask the cooperation of all members by the future.
 When considering the future of the Japan Society of Spring Engineers, the valve springs is inevitable. In the years to come, automobiles will no longer be equipped with gasoline or diesel engines, for those internal combustion engines in which the intake and exhaust valves are essential. This means that the production of valve springs might be drastically reduced. Engine valve springs are required as ultimate fatigue resistance in a way and are undoubtedly that is the supreme Japanese industrial products. In this sense, it is no exaggeration to say that one of the reasons why Japanese engines are highly evaluated in the world is the fatigue resistance of the valve springs. If so, what is the future of this fatigue-enhancing technology? As you might know, some research committees of the society over the years have clearly targeted the valve springs. If so, what is focusing on the next business model in spring manufacturing? Of course, coil springs have countless applications, and there are various types of springs, from disc springs to leaf springs. It is possible to use the previous findings here, but is it enough? Therefore, I would like to work together with the members, believing that the activities of this society will not only deepen the technical knowledge related to springs that have been accumulated so far in Japan, but also contribute to the creation of new business models in our next generation.

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